Sunday, 23 November 2014

The magic of words

I’ve been trying hard for what it seems a long time now to write something really inspiring but so far I have managed to write a line an deleted it, and another and deleted it, nothing inspirational so I have now decided to just write.
These lines may lack creativity or passion altogether but thinking how relevant this blog has become in my life, it  has saved me in many ways and brought me a lot of personal joy. If anything, I am just writing these words now because I am not abandoning something so dear to me and letting irrelevant issues to affect me and stop me doing what I love; to write to inspire, to write to dream and ultimately, to write to be happy.

Words truly are the nicest kind of magic less obvious to a person. I love that when I write I can express so much, that words can excite, describe and produce sensations.
I also love the fact that I can write and published my words in a public blog and but that I'm actually writing for myself and I can also discreetly and subtly let you into my world through these words.

I may be vain; I like to think that you are enjoying my words as you read them, this little window that let you into my experiences, I think we all are to a certain extent.
But tonight, as I am writing this, I am feeling just happy because since I started this blog, I have been writing for myself but also for anyone who wants to read it. I like the feeling of sharing with strangers things and experiences that are so dear to me.
I do want you badly to like the histories I tell but not right now, I am not re reading every single word to make sure that something of it makes any sense. Tonight I don’t care, I feel this freedom hard to put on words. I am just typing and feeling liberated with every sentence I’m writing.
I love writing. It brings a lot of joy to my soul. I feel that with each word I type I can understand myself a bit better, I can look at my life and make some sense of it, I like that writing is exercising my own understanding of the world and its many diverse realities.

When we travel alone far away, we all become writers.
I wrote and wrote sentence after sentence in Nepal. I spent many hours of solitude in the Himalayan mountains, in tea houses where the cold evenings and the silence inspired me to write through the long hours while my body slowly recovered from the daily activity in the mountains while I could fill my soul with dreams, thoughts, regrets and hopes.

There is something truly magic about being so far away from your world into the depths of majestic mountains, so close to the top of the world and yet so far away from anything material from your own world.

You, the mountains, the cold, the silence and the words written that will forever remind you of how fascinating, complicated, confusing and beautiful this world is. No matter what happens tomorrow, our reflexions will remain forever recorded through the words written.

Words are truly magic.






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