Sunday, 21 September 2014

Fighting your demons, becoming better; Travel to cure your soul


We could have endless discussions about the positive effects of leaving the security and comforts of home in favour of the mixture of excitement and fear that you experience by leaving that familiarity behind to face the unknown.

If you have never done it before  and however you are contemplating the possibility of doing it eventually, I am writing this to give you the final push.

 I must insist however that I am not a wiser person that you are because I have travelled but what makes me right now different from you, is that I have chosen to fight my fair amount of demons by facing what scared me most with a positive outcome and a willingness to do more of what I like more often and not letting my fears stopping me of accomplish that.

 I’m not a life coach and I will not promise you that by travelling your problems will go away. As a good friend of mine told me once, go travelling for the right reasons but do not travel to run away from your problems. Of course me being me, I did just that in the past; unsurprisingly the problems were right were I left them when I came back home from a time spent in Thailand.

I may insist that travelling to a far away place in earth deserves that you bring yourself there with a mind that is not boiling with problems, there is so much beauty that you will miss because your eyes will look but they won’t see.

 I believe that you don’t always see the world with your eyes only. Remember that to experience the beauty of any place in earth, you have to live and breath those moments by creating a connexion with your eyes, brain, heart and soul, only by doing this, you will really see deeply into the places you visit and the people you cross.

 I have often found that the most effective medicine for me came through my travels.

In this world that we live in, sadly we are educated to take stupid pills indiscriminately that will make us healthier, they will get rid of feelings of hopeless, sadness, low self esteem and makes us stronger, but I found that a pill less and a trip more has been way more effective.

 We are just so lucky to have been born in the first world however ….however sometimes I have found that there is a very expensive price to pay for this gift. This world that offers me with abundant possibilities creates me often anxiety, depression, worries.
It forces you to be competitive at work, to be better than your colleague, be nastier, cleverer, faster, produce more, to achieve highly.

The requirements are endless, impossible even.

All these things destroyed me and when the world wanted me to take a pill, I knew there was something else I could do to make myself better. And I did.

I packed and left for a far away land.

AI was alone and terrified
For those of you that life brought you to places in earth, you know that occasionally it can get tough. For me, tough was good. It made me leave the weakness behind and I forced myself to be awake, to be cautious, to think alone, to make decisions, to trust my instincts.

I struggled, I suffered, I cried, I got scared, I felt lonely and I got lost.
But I also fall in love with a country, discovered beautiful people, experienced a new cuisines, found love, made friends, found solutions, laugh often, sang with tribe children, climbed mountains, swam at night in the ocean, learnt new words, became stronger, wiser, open-minded, happier and most important, I gained a new confidence that I never new I had.

To this day, when work and life in general makes us frustrated, upset or stressed, I always think in the challenges I’ve been through while travelling, in my achievements, in all the problems that I faced and solved, in all the countries I visited alone, in how well I took care of myself and then I remember that I am a strong woman, that I managed to achieved alone several things, that I’m great because I’ve done it and I came back being better and stronger and no matter what my daily life throws at me, nothing is bad enough for me not to be able to take it and come out stronger.

When I feel I can’t deal with something no more, I close my eyes and visualize myself standing on top of  the Kilimanjaro Mount and I go through every single struggle I experienced to reach the top and when I open my eyes again, I feel better because I know that I now can achieve anything I want.

Every single struggle that I have experienced in my travels has contributed to make me the woman that I am and that I am proud to be.






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