Thursday, 3 December 2015

An obliged visit to the Lanta Welfare Animal in South Thailand

I’m glad that you are checking out this post right now because here’s a non-profit organisation located in paradise that really needs you.
 Well, not so much the organization itself but its habitants; rescued dogs and cats from the whole Koh Lanta island that have been lucky enough to end up in this admirable place where they receive medical care and much needed love.

 I’m going to try to summarize my experience and what the “Lanta Animal Welfare” is by using my own impressions from my visit when I last was in Koh Lanta this year as much as the information they have available for you to read in their own website, which is informative, simple and with some lovely pics, too.

 By all means, finish my post (keep reading!!!) but then right after, click in their website to get a super detailed information of who they are and what you can do for them.
The Lanta Animal Welfare as the name itself indicates is located in the paradisiacal sleepy island of Koh Lanta, which belongs to the Krabi province (Southern Thailand) a world away from the madness of its neighbour Phi Phi.

 This year was my second time in Koh Lanta and I refuse to think that it won’t be a third. This is an island that treats its visitors well and possesses a great traveller community. It is a favourite of mine because it provides a break from madness, nice beaches, delightful bike rides through long roads that surround the islands and some of the most legendaries sunsets in South Thailand and cheap accommodation is still easy to find (tip: head to Long Beach)

 Koh Lanta is very relaxing therefore it makes sense to fill up your days with some activities. One that you take note of and stick with it is a visit to the Lanta Animal Welfare.
My friend and I rented bikes and from Long Beach we headed there. Driving through the main road and leaving the main town where the ferries arrive behind, we missed the street on the left hand side of the road where there is a sign with the Lanta Animal Welfare logo. In my opinion, the sign is not too obvious so keep an eye for it.

 That day was extremely hot and we visited in the late morning, it was pretty horrible so if you are heading to Lanta where the most extreme temperatures are hitting the country, you may want to check with them if it is possible to visit early in the morning.

A delightful woman welcomed us and she was the most helpful passionate person never. I wish I could remember her name but I don’t. She had short blond hair and was British, other than that, I can only remember clearly that she was very passionate about the place
 and managed to pass that passion onto us.

 Said that, in our guided visit by one of the volunteer girls, we saw many other people both locals and foreigners, who were also volunteering, completely dedicated to run the place and to provide the care and love needed by those animals.
 I was amazed to see the dedication of all these people from all walks of life towards an organization that is purely ran by donations and the good faith of people.

 The temperature in Koh Lanta was really extreme back then and in my opinion, it had to be extremelly hard to work on those conditions but they did tirelessly and it showed.

 Here are some facts about the place that I have extracted directly from their own website.  First of all, there are a few ways you can help them, they are the following;

Adopting one of their friendly dogs or cats from Thailand (their animal adoption programme makes taking an animal from Thailand to your country a very simple process) and you will have given a beautiful animal the home it deserves.  For more detailed information, visit their website.
Donating money or medical and general supplies for their animals; every month, they spend more money on medication and food than they have coming in. You can donate via their website. Talk to your local vet clinic and see if they can spare any much needed medication. You will find a list of their requirements and shipping instructions also on their website.
Volunteering to work with animals in Thailand for at least one month; if you are an experienced vet, vet nurse or simply an animal lover, they need you! If you would like to volunteer there is lots of volunteer. Please contact them also for more details.

 Contact details:

629 Moo.2, Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand, 81150
+66 (0)843 044 331

 Or if you would like to get more information about volunteering, then send them an email here: 

For animal adoption queries:

For all other queries:

 And if you are in Koh Lanta and your last stop is Thailand and are about to fly home soon, then you may be able to help FOR FREE by becoming for them a fly volunteer. What is that?
 Some beautiful souls visit the Lanta Welfare Animal falling in love with the animals and want them to become a part of their families. These cats and dogs they can’t normally flight to their new homes right away but when they are ready to leave, they need someone who takes them to their new destination countries.

 If you want to escort one of these cats or dogs to their new homes, you must email them your flight details here You can check now their website to know which dogs or cats must fly soon and where to

They need enough notice about 10 days to book them to flights and complete the required paperwork
Minimal flight duration and layovers
Flights should be within the same airline or members in the same group.
You need to be flying out from Krabi, Trang, Bangkok or Phuket airports

Becoming a flying volunteer for them is 100% legal and 100% free as they will do all the paperwork for you!

 Honestly, if there is one visit in Koh Lanta that you must do, it must be this beautiful place full of dedicate people. I feel lucky and honored that I got to see their job and more than anything, to know that some of those cats and dogs they were often close to die and these people brought them back to life.

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