Sunday, 27 July 2014

The people that inspire us

There are so many beautiful people in the world, try challenging yourself and search for beautiful souls

It takes years, experiences and endless conversations to realise that the journey is made, transformed and tailored by the people you crossed paths as you walk.
Some people will pass by you and leave nothing for you to reflect on; they will entertain you, make you laugh, cry or even suffer. They may even love you briefly and provide you with moments of pleasure but they will not be ones to inspire you.
And then, there are them.
Someone once said “The best kind of people is the ones that come into your life, and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds; the people that believe in you so much, you start to believe in you, too. The people that love you simply for being you. The once in a lifetime kind of people”
 I hope, as you are reading these lines, that you can relate to this and are able to bring back memories of people that have touched your soul in amazing ways. If you have been blessed with them, you have then experienced the essence of the journey.
Some people may think that those that can inspire are educated, able to express themselves fluently, from a certain cultural background… in conclusion, a few individuals chosen to enlighten humanity.

However, I happened to be often inspired by people that have wonderful common strengths and characteristics, rich in spirit, often lacking in material possessions, humble souls that have nothing and nothing is what they expect from you. Maybe that is precisely what gives them the capacity to touch your spirit; because they are free of material possessions, the type that makes us slaves of the first world and its stupidity.

Those beautiful people that can’t offer you anything of material value, instead, can offer you things that are so valuable that putting a price to them isn’t possible for there is not price enough that can pay their words of wisdom, their genuine smiles or true hospitality.

No one told me while I was immersed in a privilege life in London that, my often emptiness, would be fulfilled under a Thai moon, in the middle of the jungle where instead of feeling lost and scared, I was at ease, never before so much at ease, seating next to an older Thai countryman that could not speak many words in a language that I would understand, but instead had a permanent smile splashed on his face while trying to set fire and teaching me with limitless patience being aware that in our perfectly imperfect first world making fire would not be an useful skill, but one that in his world could save a life, or maybe several…

 And there I was,  far away from London and my life where shockingly, everything started having more sense than ever. That man had nothing, no material possessions but instead, he possessed a smile that transmitted love and understanding and patience and I felt loved and understood by this man that owned in a smile something that no money could ever buy. I since then I looked at the world in a different way. From then on, I understood that we can be rich and yet be much poorer than him. 
And in front of me laid a world with inspiring people that sold me fruits when I was hungry, water when I was thirsty, smiles when I was frustrated, conversations when I was lonely, company when I was alone, help when I was lost.

 These people slowly helped me to build the journey, they taught me that sometimes knowledge comes from suffering, understanding from struggle; love from ignorance, that money cannot buy everything, that there is no value in words if there are not genuine, that you can have nothing and yet be able to give everything.

 I learnt that there are good people in the world that have not much and yet everything they own is yours, that there are lives and worlds out there where they give you without expecting anything, where love doesn’t cost anything, where an ice cream can lighten up a child’s world.

Learn to live and think humble, give yourself something exceptional to live by. Travel and when you get to your destination, approach the people and smile, let a hello take you to amazing places, make friendships that will last a lifetime, let yourself be loved and love equally and never, ever think that you are better than them, chances are that you aren’t.

Thank you to all the people that I have crossed in my travels, you have made my journey meaningful.


  1. Maybe you don't know that as well you are one of those people that you are talking about, who inspires, encourage and teach others just with a few words.
    Once again, thank you for all that you teach me every moment that I am with you, and thank you for your inspiration

  2. Thank you Gema, words like yours totally motivate me to keep writing!! xx